Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

The privacy policy outlines the ways in which Deep Labs and its associated entities collect, process, use, access, share, disclose and dispose of personal information. to include data from users, partners, affiliates, and third-party data sources.

The types of personal information that we collect directly from users depends on how they interact with us, services and our applications.

At Deep Labs our mission is to bring Persona-Based Intelligence, (contextually-aware Artificial Intelligence solutions) to the forefront of computing technology. In order to accomplish this, we process data from a multitude of sources to enable the best experience, in the most secure and efficient way possible. That level of commitment has been, and will continue to be, a part of the Deep Labs credo.

We at Deep Labs believe that you have a right to responsible data handling, so any information that is collected about you is used to help provide the best suite of products and services possible; nothing more.

The Privacy Policy outlines the types of information we obtain, how we use that information, with whom we share it, and your rights regarding the use of your information. The Privacy Policy will also outline the measures we take to safeguard personal information and the means of recourse should there be any inquiries regarding any of the topics as laid out in the Privacy Policy.

How Do We Obtain Your Information?

We collect your information from a multitude of sources which may include: behaviour within our applications, third-party entities, strategic partners, affiliates, public information sources, social media platforms or from any number of readily available sources.

What Information Do We Collect?

The information we collect is dependent on how you interact with us, our services and applications. These typically include device-based, behavioural, geographic, demographics or sociographic in nature, but may also include other data types, as necessary to provide our service offerings, in accordance with the Deep Labs Privacy Policy.

What Do We Do With Your Information?

We gather information to further build, test and develop the capabilities of our AI decisioning platform, DeepDecision®. We do this, not only, to improve the real-time decisioning capabilities for our customers, clients and affiliates, but also, to improve the long-term predictive capabilities of our systems as a whole. In doing so, we use data to train our computers to identify relevant patterns within datasets that can be used to make predictions about the validity of, or likelihood of an event occurring.

This technology is known as machine learning and is the fundamental reasoning behind the need for large quantities of data, as our ability to expand the capabilities of our platform are directly linked to the amount of data that our systems are able to ingest.

What Information Do We Share And With Whom?

We do not sale, lease or disclose data for any purpose that isn’t in accordance with the Deep Labs Privacy Policy, or as necessary to maintain, operate, or build upon our decisioning platforms’ capabilities. Data is only transferred to partners, affiliates and third-party vendors, only when necessary, and only in accordance with the procedures as laid out in the Deep Labs Privacy Policy.

How We Protect Your Data?

We take data protection very seriously and as such, we utilize the latest safeguarding measures to ensure that your information remains secure and accessible only to authorized personnel. Some of our safeguarding measures include: secure file transmission, data encryption and firewalls in addition to physical controls such as intrusion detection systems and restricted-access procedures.

Our Data Retention Practices:

We reserve the right to retain your personal information for as long as is necessary to 1. Provide you with continuing support of, and access to, the DeepDecision® platform, it’s associated applications, service offerings and product suite, or, 2. For as long as is necessary to comply with legal standards, privacy requirements or corporate initiatives.

We may, periodically, have service providers that are based outside of the United States and as such, it may be necessary to transfer your information outside of the United States in order to provide you with the highest standard of service, support and product functionality possible. In the event of such an occurrence, all data transfers shall adhere to the encryption and safe-handling standards as laid out in the Deep Labs Privacy Policy, in accordance with GDPR standards. Details about the data handling procedures of our affiliates, partners or third-party vendors can be found within their individual privacy policies. Deep Labs is not responsible for the data handling process of an affiliate, partner or third-party vendor.

​Our Data Disposal Practices:

We use various methods to dispose of data depending on the storage medium used, the type of data collected and the sensitivity of the data in question. As such, we may utilize data disposal practices to include deletion, disintegration, shredding and incineration. The method of disposal will be in accordance with our privacy policy, data retention standards and any applicable legal requirements.

Our Children’s Privacy Policy:

The protection of personal information about children is an important matter and as such, we ensure that we never knowingly target, collect, or transmit the personal information of any individual, under 13 years of age, as required by law. Any such information that is discovered will be removed in a manner that is consistent with the Deep Labs Privacy Policy.

What are Your Rights?

We believe that you have the right to say how your data is used, stored, transmitted and processed. As such, you have the following rights:

1.The right to request access to information we may have about you.

2. The right to rectify any potentially incorrect information. 

3. The right to be removed/forgotten by our systems.

4. The right to say which of our processing activities your data is used to accomplish. Given the data rich requirements of our systems and platform, any deviation from standard processing practices may significantly restrict your ability to access our products and those of our partners, affiliates and third-party entities.

Information for California Residents:

Under the “Shine the Light” law, California residents have the right, one time per calendar year, to inquire about what personal information has been shared for direct marketing purposes. Any requests for information should be made to [email protected] with the subject “Shine the Light Inquiry”. We do not currently share any data with third-party marketing agents.

How to Exercise Your Rights?

To make requests regarding the use, access, deletion or control of your information, please contact Deep Labs at [email protected] with the subject “Privacy Requests”. In the event that the information in question is associated with a partner, affiliate, or third-party associate, we reserve the right to notify that entity of your request, in able to ensure that your request is processed in the most effective and efficient manner possible, in accordance with the Deep Labs Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Updates:

Changes to the Privacy Policy are a normal part of our data handling and privacy review process. As such, any updates to the Privacy Policy will be posted on our website, as required by law.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our data-handling practices, policies, or guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].