Deep Labs Featured in Digital Journal on Persona-Based Intelligence™ and Behavior-Based Security

How someone holds their phone is becoming a criteria for securing their identity from hackers. If you usually hold it with your right hand, and a left-handed hacker is trying to gain access to your phone, they can be stopped because of that difference.

According to the CEO of Deep Labs, Scott Edington, such activities are becoming part of a vastly improved behavioral-based security approach that is taking ID verification to new levels. Behavior-based security is starting to look much more at how users hold their phones, how hard they press the buttons, and how quickly they might type.

Digital Journal spoke with Scott Edington about how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help to create user ‘personas’, that red flag if your phone is being used even slightly differently than how you use it.

Read the full interview here.

Deep Labs Partners with NICE Actimize’s X-Sight Marketplace Ecosystem

Helping financial services organizations keep up with a changing market landscape, NICE Actimize, a NICE business (Nasdaq: NICE) and leader in Autonomous Financial Crime Management, today announced that three new technology partners have joined the fast-growing X-Sight Marketplace, the industry’s first financial crime risk management-focused ecosystem. X-Sight Marketplace helps financial services organizations evaluate new point solutions and move to stay on top of a challenging regulatory and criminal environment. The recent additions include Boku Identity, a leading end-to-end identity solution provider; Deep Labs, specialists in applying persona-based artificial intelligence to assess risk and reduce fraud and identity theft; and TeleMessage, which provides state-of-the-art cloud and on-premises messaging solutions.

Deep Labs offers a suite of products that leverages persona-based dynamic adaptive risk and propensity profiles to solve a range of use cases including account takeover, anti-money laundering, false declines to marketing decisioning, identity, and friendly fraud. Deep Labs’ DeepIdentity® approach provides advanced identity verification solutions which, through risk-based decisioning, minimizes friction and enhances the consumer experience across numerous use cases, including identity verification, digital onboarding, authentication, and continually knowing the customer’s persona. “Our team of experienced payments and signals intelligence experts believe that persona-based intelligence is the next generation of true context-aware computing, and an important advancement in understanding and fighting many new types of fraud,” said Dr. Scott Edington, CEO and Co-Founder, Deep Labs. “Our team looks forward to bringing our industry-leading approach to the NICE Actimize X-Sight Marketplace.”

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