Deep Labs Acquires Focus Government Services (FGS)

San Francisco, CA – March 31, 2021 – Deep Labs, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform company, announced today that it has acquired Focus Government Services (FGS), a federal contractor with an established history of delivering advanced analytical solutions to civilian federal agencies.

For Deep Labs, the acquisition of FGS brings enhanced domain expertise in fraud, waste & abuse use cases and additional successful past performance implementing AI and machine learning solutions for healthcare & payments in the civilian agencies of the US Government.

“We at Deep Labs are on a mission to solve the greatest challenges related to fraud, waste & abuse across the public sector,” said Scott Edington, CEO of Deep Labs. “This acquisition deepens our capabilities within the public sector as we continue to address an expanded set of mission-critical needs faced by agencies such as the Department of Health & Human Services.”

Deep Labs’ persona-based intelligence uses data to create an advanced understanding of how both good and bad actors behave over time, based on multi-dimensional and contextual relationship signals. Personas honed in the private sector can now be customized and applied to public sector challenges, with the ultimate promise of preventing fraud before it occurs. The technology can be applied anywhere payments are made.

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