Deep Labs Partners On AI Project That Helps Medicare Office More Effectively Identify and Prevent Fraud & Abuse

SAN FRANCISCO, August 19th, 2019 — Deep Labs, Inc.

Deep Labs, Inc., the leader in persona-based artificial intelligence, has announced it successfully helped the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) more effectively identify potential fraud and abuse.  The pilot project was managed by prime contractor Visual Connections.

Visual Connections and Deep Labs partnered to conceive, develop and implement a successful artificial intelligence pilot, utilizing deep visioning and learning techniques and tools for CMS’s Medicare Part D program, which covers prescriptions for over 39 million beneficiaries.  This project was designed to discover potentially fraudulent activity before it occurs, and to enhance CMS’s ability to proactively identify and investigate potential fraud by providing visualization of CMS data, allowing for improved decisioning.

“We are extremely proud to have successfully flagged these potential losses for the CMS, as it strives to cut its waste and overall losses,” said Scott Edington, CEO, Deep Labs. “This project truly shows the power of artificial intelligence, and how it can dramatically improve government agencies’ operations.”

“This pilot was a tremendous success, using artificial intelligence to efficiently review millions of records per second,” said Frederick Deese, Founder & CEO, Visual Connections.  “Ultimately it will help to create a much more lean, accountable and efficient government agency for the American people.”

The successful pilot is expected to help pave the way for future collaboration between Visual Connections and Deep Labs on similar artificial intelligence and deep learning projects.  The companies expect to work together on various programs in other government areas as well as healthcare, for which these types of technologies are very applicable.

About Deep Labs 

Founded in 2016 by a team of experienced payments and signals intelligence experts, Deep Labs has created a platform that leverages persona-based dynamic adaptive risk & propensity profiles to address customer problems ranging from account takeover, AML, and false declines to credit applications, account onboarding, market decisioning, and identity verification for two-sided marketplaces.

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