Today at the RSA 2019 Conference, Deep Labs announced the release of their next generation DeepIdentity® platform and major milestone for adoption of its identity and fraud-prevention system.


Traditional identity verification methods are no longer fit for purpose due to well publicized data breaches and ID spoofing technologies. This dynamic, coupled with data-related legislation such as the European Union’s Payments Services Directive (PSD2), has led to tremendous challenges for the Payments industry as it seeks to balance privacy and security while not unduly introducing friction in the consumer experience.

Powered by its persona-based intelligence capability, DeepIdentity® reduces risk and eliminates consumer friction in identity verification use cases. In 2018 alone, DeepIdentity® processed over 60 million unique consumers.

“Our Persona-Based Intelligence capability reduces risk in identity verification as well as eliminating friction in the payments experience. The platform does this while still providing the essential level of security required by our customers who include global payments networks, financial services firms, and the merchant community,” commented Scott Edington, CEO of Deep Labs.”

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About Deep Labs

Founded in 2016 by a team of experienced Payments and Signals Intelligence experts, Deep Labs has created a platform that leverages persona-based dynamic risk & propensity profiles to address industry challenges ranging from Account Takeover, AML, and False Declines to Credit Applications, Account Onboarding, Marketing Decisioning, and Identity Verification for Two-Sided Marketplaces.

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